We are always looking for talented and inspiring people to join us and make us stronger. We have big plans.

This is an excellent opportunity for committed individuals with teaching experience looking for a new challenge and those that are looking to widen their experience and progress within a small, driven team.

Tutors required to teach (as opportunities arise):

  • Whole class curriculum music KS1&2
  • EYFS Music
  • Class singing, singing assemblies & choirs
  • Whole class instrumental lessons KS1,2&3 (African drums,
  • samba, tuned percussion, ukulele, guitar, strings)
  • Small group/individual (all orchestral instruments, guitar,
  • ukulele, bass, drums, piano, keyboard)
  • We also want to hear your ideas for other quality musical experiences you could provide.

Job outline

To be very good. To plan and teach weekly music lessons in line with requirements of the national curriculum and school policy (providing evidence and assessment if required). Teach instruments in whole class, small group and individual settings. Work alongside class teachers where relevant. Grade preparation. Planning and coordination of high quality performances.

Required skills/qualifications:

We value your personality, playing ability, passion for music and teaching young people more than qualifications. It’s useful if you have experience of teaching, particularly in schools and have a knowledge of planning and progression. It’s expected that you are a clear communicator, good team player and have high standards for the music you inspire.

How to Apply:

Applicants should submit via email –


A CV with details of relevant teaching experience to date

Some words explaining your aspirations and experience to date – including info about your artistic/playing experience and ambitions - tell us about your real self, no need to sound too formal - lets just teach some good music.