Our staff training is designed to share and promote good practice, giving non-specialists the understanding and resources required to immediately offer musical opportunities. Sessions can be adapted for break-outs as part of INSET days, twilight sessions, or extended as required. We can build a CPD programme that will provide training at every level, for every age group, over the course of an academic year.

New courses are being developed all the time. Please do get in touch with any ideas or to discuss your needs.




Our popular Rhythmania series provides a wealth of rhythm focused music, activities and ideas on how to get the most out of your music cupboard instruments. Our ready-to-use resources and practical experience will ensure you satisfy elements of the national curriculum and provides excellent opportunities for progression.

  • Rhythmania 1 (EYFS) - introduction to rhythm - using a range of instruments with a play-centred, child-led approach.
  • Rhythmania 2 (KS1) - continuing to build a strong musical foundation. We give approaches to encourage children's experimentation and creativity with sound, both independently and as part of a group.
  • Rhythmania 3 (KS2) - focus on refining accuracy, fluency and control in solo and ensemble contexts. Simple ways to allow children's expression and creativity to blossom.

Make your Mark with Music! (EYFS)

  • Learn to inspire children’s mark making through music.
  • Provide opportunities to support creativity and critical thinking.
  • Practical resources to develop children’s ability to: compose, read and write music, perform, play instruments, change sounds and explore musical elements. 

"Scribbles are products of a systematic investigation, rather than haphazard actions", John Matthews (1999)

What is music made of? (EYFS/KS1)

Getting to the bottom of how music works. 

  • Discover and understand the musical elements and how to inspire children to explore them.
  • Learn a variety of engaging songs, activities, games and group work, using voices, movement and instruments.
  • A strong and balanced foundation to support future learning.

Listen (EYFS/KS1)

“We must be silent before we can listen, We must listen before we can learn”, William Arthur Ward (Excerpt)

  • Help your school develop a musical culture and deep sense of enjoyment and appreciation for music.
  • Guidance on structuring and directing children’s listening and how to nurture their responses.
  • Large catalogue of recommended material.
  • Hear things in music you've never heard before.


Costs start at £150. Please get in touch for a detailed quote.