Joe is a very talented musician who has a wonderful manner when working with children - they are absolutely drawn to him and respond extremely well. He holds all the children’s attention and ensures they learn and progress in a very short period of time. He has been an absolute asset to our school. I cannot recommend him highly enough
— Ms. Marie Maxwell, Headteacher, Globe Primary School, Bethnal Green, London
Children sparkled during music sessions, they explored a range of musical experiences; singing familiar and new songs, their own songs, played a selection of musical instruments, moved to music and began to read and write music. Your work positively impacted on staff, giving them the confidence, skills and encouragement to support the children’s music making. One little girl has never quite forgiven me for allowing Joe to leave us! He is very much missed and we look forward to working with him again.
— Alexandra Law, Headteacher, Harry Roberts Nursery School, London
I love thursday. Drumming is the best lesson of the week
— Brianna, Year 2
Joe is an outstanding teacher across the board. He is diligent, thorough in his preparation, has the highest expectations of children, understands the role that assessment plays in raising standards, and is child-focused at all times. He would be an asset to any provider of music education as a teacher, as a musician, and to lead teachers in their own development
— Stuart Whatmore, Manager, Tri-borough Music Hub
Particularly impressive progress was observed during an Early Years lesson in a nursery school where very young children were observed successfully grasping musical concepts, using musical language and following simple notation
— John Witchell, Former chair of the Music Education Council and chief executive of the Federation of Music Services