Whole class musical experiences are amongst the most enjoyable, rewarding and memorable ways for children to spend time at school. Our weekly classes can run from half a term to a full academic year.

Here's some of what we offer.  We are regularly adding to our service as we explore new things, so if you can't find what you're looking for please do get in touch.



The 2014 National KS1 & KS2 Curriculum is wonderfully succinct, giving a great deal of freedom over delivery.

We have developed eclectic and inspiring schemes of work to satisfy and exceed the requirements of the NC and Ofsted. 

  • lessons are part of the weekly timetable
  • instruments can be provided
  • high expectations
  • thorough planning and preparation
  • clear musical learning intentions
  • appropriate use of musical assessment
  • clear progression routes
  • Ofsted folder preparation


Singing with others promotes a sense of well being and joy that's hard to top. Using your voice as an instrument is a direct, empowering and emotive experience - to help children find it is an honour.

  • class singing lessons, packed with melody, harmony and form
  • using song to tell stories and express emotion
  • singing assemblies that unite children and staff and embed music in the fabric of your school
  • vast and accessible repertoire - familiar western styles and many other international musical cultures and traditions
  • the chance to perform with 8000 children at London's O2 Arena 


The national plan for music education 2011 states:  "Children from all backgrounds and every part of England should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and to make music with others".  Here are some of the ways our service can make this possible.



Playing Djembe naturally and fluently happens remarkably quickly.  Yet the possibilities of the instrument and the opportunities for progression are endless; djembe is a doorway to many other percussion instruments.

  • classes explore the visceral, pounding rhythms and songs of West Africa 
  • sessions complimented by movement and inclusive musical activities
  • teamwork and listening skills constantly drawn upon and reinforced
  • children improvise and compose whilst developing a strong sense of pulse and rhythm
  • opportunities to lead a group and enjoy the limelight with a solo 
  • building technique, confidence and musical expression
  • immersion in the myth, folklore and culture behind this incredible music

Using the time honoured student instruments, Glockenspiel, Xylophone and Metallophone, we play fun arrangements of Pop, Rock, R&B, classical, jazz and more.  This class is a great foundation for budding pianists and for pretty much all other instruments.

  • pupils experience the beauty of melody and harmony
  • play in multiple parts
  • compose and improvise whilst developing technique, control and expression
  • we use accessible and practical forms of musical notation to study music theory in a way that brings it to life before your eyes...and ears!


Weekly whole class teaching starts at £300 per class, per term (11x45min lessons). Additional travel and porterage costs may also apply. Please get in touch for a detailed quote. We occasionally look to external sources of funding.